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The Healthcheck Screener

All Auburn students coming to campus for in-person courses or to attend campus events must complete the GuideSafe™ Healthcheck daily.

Healthcheck is a self-screener tool designed to allow students to log their COVID-19 related health status and symptoms. The initial survey takes approximately 20 seconds to complete and will enroll the student in email and text reminders. Subsequent surveys take approximately 10 seconds to complete each day.

Based on a student’s response, GuideSafe™ Healthcheck will assign you one of three categories: Least Risk, May be at Risk or Greater Risk – each with its own instructions on how to proceed to campus or work.

Download the Exposure Notification App

When regularly on campus, all students, faculty and staff are encouraged to use GuideSafe™ Exposure Notification, an app to facilitate self-reporting of COVID-19 exposure and automate anonymous alerts to individuals with previous proximity or close contact with a later positive COVID-19 person.

After downloading the app and enabling Bluetooth, phones exchange anonymous contact beacons via Bluetooth whenever another phone with the app is within six feet for more than 15 minutes. If you come in close contact with someone who later reports a COVID-19 positive test result, you are anonymously notified within a 14-day period of contact with the individual. Similarly, if you test positive, an anonymous notification will be sent to others with whom you have come in close contact.

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Keep it on outside
Auburn University mandates wearing masks in public.
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